Cheapest Ford Mustang

For some odd reason, I woke up today wanting this - the cheapest Ford Mustang. In my life, I've had two vehicles - a Toyota Corolla 97 XE and a Hyundai Starex 99. Now I only have Rusty Lopez. If you're a Filipino you would know what I mean *wink*.

Not that I want to buy this junk, but hey, it is the cheapest Ford Mustang in the block. I don't even know if it has a engine. Oh yeah, it does. Just add $465 USD or PHP 20,000.

At  PHP 110,000 or USD 2,557.83, this Mustang is highly suspect and might have the engine of a tricycle. 

Hahaha, anyway, call me crazy, call me old fashioned but I've always wanted to drive around with a real Mustang.

Now we're talking. 

But on second thought. I wouldn't want to drive around carnap bait. If I had this car, I'd always be worried that somebody would try to steal it. So, lets just go back to old dinky doo above.

Anyway, this really is the cheapest Ford Mustang anywhere. Too bad that I am not a mechanic and really don't have the time and patience to patch it up. 

Some guy from Bulacan bought it and probably thought that he could make it look like picture number 2 and then gave up. Hehehehe. 

Last I checked, the huge hunk a junk is still there.