So I woke up late today and I got 2 emails from a new pinoy start-up named It's a website that features food deals and other deals. "Timely for X-Mas Giving". Normally, I would have been supportive of them simply because they're Filipino, but here's what they did wrong:

  • They wanted me to buy a kamasutra cake for X-mas. Huh?
  • They sent me two unsolicited emails without my permission using my inactive email account and my main account. 
  • Webmaster cannot be trusted with my email so I won't signup.
  • The cake looks lusciously delicious. But I am not going to send a kamasutra cake to anyone for Christmas.
  • 50% off sounds good.
  • The website layout looks awesome. But.....You know.... I don't have a clue what it is for.
I don't know how they got my old email addresses - which I haven't used for more than a year. It's just plain wrong for people to send unsolicited email advertisements. Sure the deals sound good, the pictures sound good, but it just doesn't make sense for me to send a KAMASUTRA CAKE ON CHRISTMAS

Come on!!!!! People.. !$!%$!#$!#$!#$$!$%^$%&$^$%


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