The Social Network Movie Review

I just saw the movie the Social Network and I can't help but feel suspicious about it. It smacks of one sidedness. It smacks of propaganda. And worst, it smacks of publicity for the popular social network. It's a cliche to mention that 'good and bad publicity is publicity nevertheless.'

Upon reading the Wikipedia entry about the Winklevoss brothers, I can't help but feel that the movie got all of their allegations to the dot. The entry was like a plot summary of the movie.

After watching, my paranoid mind queried:

  • Zuckerberg didn't claim royalties for a movie about his life. Or did he? 
  • The Winklevoss brothers aren't claiming to be the ones behind the movie - but they're so enthusiastic about it in interviews and that they are also not claiming royalties for a movie that involved them. Or are they?
My take on this is that this is a publicity stunt. An advertisement that generated revenue. A ploy to keep people asking the question, "Did Mark Zuckerberg steal facebook?"

I could surmise that the investors and marketing strategists behind facebook, gathered up all the players and told them, "Hey, we could get more publicity if there is intrigue between all of you." 

Let's start with the Winklevoss lawsuit, then add in the Saverin-Zuckerberg rift. Dash a few Shawn Parker, and we have a mega whirlwind of publicity that will create huge dividends for all of us. 

The important thing is, all the social networks will be buzzing about whatever you guys do. As long as people talk about you, you're good.

Let's not make this public. Mark, keep a low profile. Maintain that nerdy look and disposition. You're going to be the next Bill Gates. 

Winklevi, you're going to be his purported nemesis. 

Lawsuits, press releases, articles, allegations, scandal, money and a movie - we have ourselves an audience captivated with manufactured drama that will keep them talking and wondering about inessential matters.

If what I am saying is true, it's a heckuva marketing strategy and it's working. 

A lot of people are bashing Zuckerberg, a lot of people support him.
A lot of people are bashing the Winklevi, a lot of people support them. 
Etc. Etc.

Should you watch it? 

Up to you. 

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