Globe Wimax Rain

Thinking of getting Wireless Internetless access? Get Globe Wimax Rain for your home. If it rains in your vicinity, we can guarantee speeds like Internet Dial Up. In fact, you'll get so amazed by how low our company can get.

Technical Support

When you subscribe to Globe WiMax rain, and as expected, you don't get any Internet connection at all, you'll be pulling your hair out of sheer frustration.

Then as a value added service, we'll sell you something that our company is really known for - hair nothing growers. Simply apply them on your neck, your balding head and your chin and nothing will happen!

Technical support? Oh, right, we'll make our technical support misrepresentatives all the more effective by asking questions like,

"Did you plug the switch?"
"Is it turned on?"
"What color is your eye?"
"Please restart your computer!"
"Ah, ah, we are upgrading our systems and we're smarter than you so get a piece of pen or paper and we'll give you a support ticket that you can stick up your..."

Wireless Internetless speeds at affordable prices

*Sometimes faster than dialup. but when it rains you're sure to dialup our technical support!

What are you waiting for? Get your Globe WiMax Internetless Connection NOW!

Globe - Disconnecting People Every Minute

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