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Thank You!


The Gift

When we say "The Gift" we often think about "things". This blog post is another reminder that a gift doesn't always have to be that way. I guess this post came a little bit too late since Christmas is over.

The best gifts are those which last a lifetime and yet cost none to produce. Take for example Susan Boyle's gift. She has the gift of singing. and is now turning that gift into more concrete terms and financial means.

If she was given  the choice to choose between that and let's say a Kindle Wireless Reading Device, she'll probably choose that before any thing else.

As humans our ability to give gifts such as the one that Susan got is severely limited by our own capabilities, hence here is where our own material limitations come into play.

Thus, we can only gift others as much. We can give a kindle for $139.00 or maybe an iPad for $549.00 but never the gift of singing or being able to draw such fine pieces of art.

The Future

Maybe a future would b…

Demand Media IPO

Disclaimer: I am just a small time businessman and a small time writer. In short, I don't really know much about this stuff.

CNN ARTICLE: Demand Media IPO Stalls Amid Accounting Questions [LINK]

As an amateur freelance writer, I usually earn about $3 every 500 words.  But lately, I've seen interest in freelance writing growing. That brought me to ask the question of whether hiring or subcontracting writing work was feasible. I know of several writers who did this and I'm not entirely sure as to the outcome of their endeavor.

Initially, it seems that the best model for the particular business niche I am in could be in the form of Demand Media which owns and - both prominent sites on the web. DS currently has in its roster 13,000 active freelancers and about 2 million articles and videos.

CNN and Allthingsd reported this,

"What the added information boils down to: Demand doesn't expense the cost of paying its writers upfront. Instead, it sprea…

Merry Christmas 2010!


Merry Christmas 2010!


ResortVille Christmas Party


Getting Busy in Resort Ville


The Crazy Art of Time Management

It's been a tiring day and sometimes I think that having three jobs at once is quite crazy. To be honest with you, working as a Building Administrator is not a full time job. I only go to the building if:
there is a problemI have to collectI have to pay business taxes As a resort manager I delegate the manual tasks to the workers. I am a hands off manager in that sense since I am not really trained in the hospitality industry. Sooner or later, I would have to hire a professional to do that for me.

Right now the resort is unoperational, but it still requires a lot of upkeep. 
Most of the time was spent writing for Ben and so far I am still able to keep my promises and that's 7 articles everyday. 
As I expand my business operations, I would have to hire people I could delegate tasks to. 
I make it a point to always play Red Alert 2, after work and after blogging.

Did Obama Really Kick the Door?

Getting the Job Done