The Crazy Art of Time Management

It's been a tiring day and sometimes I think that having three jobs at once is quite crazy. To be honest with you, working as a Building Administrator is not a full time job. I only go to the building if:
  1. there is a problem
  2. I have to collect
  3. I have to pay business taxes
As a resort manager I delegate the manual tasks to the workers. I am a hands off manager in that sense since I am not really trained in the hospitality industry. Sooner or later, I would have to hire a professional to do that for me.

Right now the resort is unoperational, but it still requires a lot of upkeep. 

Most of the time was spent writing for Ben and so far I am still able to keep my promises and that's 7 articles everyday. 

As I expand my business operations, I would have to hire people I could delegate tasks to. 

I make it a point to always play Red Alert 2, after work and after blogging.

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