The Gift

When we say "The Gift" we often think about "things". This blog post is another reminder that a gift doesn't always have to be that way. I guess this post came a little bit too late since Christmas is over.

The best gifts are those which last a lifetime and yet cost none to produce. Take for example Susan Boyle's gift. She has the gift of singing. and is now turning that gift into more concrete terms and financial means.

If she was given  the choice to choose between that and let's say a Kindle Wireless Reading Device, she'll probably choose that before any thing else.

As humans our ability to give gifts such as the one that Susan got is severely limited by our own capabilities, hence here is where our own material limitations come into play.

Thus, we can only gift others as much. We can give a kindle for $139.00 or maybe an iPad for $549.00 but never the gift of singing or being able to draw such fine pieces of art.

The Future

Maybe a future would be possible where we could give those gifts ala "Matrix" style. Instead of eBooks on how to sing, maybe we can give the gift of talent by uploading and downloading these to the benefactors minds.

Such a technology may soon be in the offing with scientists dashing madly to develop brain technology. From what I understand, they are able to interpret electronic signals that the brain emits but not yet manipulate or totally understand them.


How many times have you seen people giving money as a gift to people? A blank check, a winning lottery ticket, an education plan, a get out of debt free card, etc are all in the fancies of people nowadays. It has laid a firm grip on the ever fragile and ever insecure mentality of people.

Media has played a major part in this as well as marketers.

"You are insufficient" is a message that bombard us like the rays of the sun.

You are fat.
You are broke.
You are not complete without a partner.
You are poor.
You are not safe.
Your future is in peril.
You are ugly.
You are sick.
You are.......

Lest this post gets overwhelmingly long, I should conclude with a defiant statement:

You are....