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Please forgive me for overly changing the themes several times over the course of 1 month. I am just bent on having a simple theme that offers little to no distractions. That's why I finally settled to a "no sidebar" layout.


This week, this blog joined the #SHINEOnline 2011 blogging challenge by Julie Isaac.

The goal of the challenge is to blog at least twice a week and Julie has been very supportive. All in all, there are now over a hundred blog participants pledging to blog more frequently.

You can find all the participating blogs over at is just awesome.


There's not much to blog about in ResortVille since I am still waiting for the new video camera I got for Christmas. If I really think about it, there's really plenty to write about this place and I would say that a lot of exciting things are going to happen this year. Right now, I'm just focusing on more profitable endeavors.

Dan's Online Jobs

Writing at a rate of 3,500 words or 7 articles a day is pretty taxing, but I'm holding steady. The secret to being able to write plenty of things is to focus on one thing and then to branch out. It's like planting a seed and then watching it grow and spread its roots, trunks, stems and leaves.


January is the time when I have to get business permits for our leasing business over at 205 Aguirre. The amount of tax that we paid are just horrendous. Overall, I paid 26,179 Pesos just to renew our business permit in Paranaque. My mom helped by doing the paperwork for this year. Thanks mom!

Getting a business permit in my opinion is an arduous process that should be made easier through online means. I remember the time when I was enrolled in the University of the Philippines in Baguio, back in 1999. You'd have to get in line several times in several locations and not be able to finish enrollment in one day.

As a person who grew up with computers, I enjoy doing things with a simple click of a mouse button.

The upside to this is that Mayor Jun Bernabe has somewhat made the process less painful, albeit still not computerized, by putting in air conditioning in City Hall. 

I just hope that they would stop charging for useless fees like the Paranaque Chamber of Commerce and Industry since we don't even attend those.

*When my father was alive, he engaged in a series of meetings with the mayor to facilitate the computerization of tax payments and judicial docketing in City Hall. This didn't push through. Today, Paranaque City's system is now computerized and some segments of tax payment are now online. We haven't tried it yet since we'd like to see if it is working. I will probably look into this next time that we have to renew our business permit.

The thing with government efficiency is that they're so good in collecting but lag so much in services. I hope they improve on the latter.

If I may say so, I think the current local government of Paranaque is just so overstaffed. If you look at the number of "government employees" standing around city hall, pretending to look awesome, you'll know what I mean.

Online Business

To date, I would say that my portfolio of websites and blogs have now reached several domains, that is why I am engaging the thought of hiring freelance writers such as myself to fill those blogs with both useful and SEO'd content. Look above the tabs to see I WILL PAY YOU TO BLOG or my own GET PAID TO BLOG offer.

The two shouldn't be a mutually exclusive endeavor as is being propounded by most Internet marketers.

People are already complaining that the web is being filled with useless SEO'd gunk and I tend to agree with them. If only Internet marketers would hire writers on the basis that the content that they produce is at the very least readable and informative, the web would definitely be a better place. Of course, paying higher rates would also be helpful.

You get what you pay for.

I am not one to complain and in fact I see an opportunity for this. The web needs a portal for those who just want to buy and those who want to sell. This should let the other parts of the web be free from the gunk that we're increasingly seeing.

As a freelance writer, I've seen the works of others and can't help but feel sorry for them. The current model is not working because people are turned off by websites that offer no real value other than putting out fluff.

Think about it, when was the last time you liked a website that was full of advertisements?

Once I am able to get some financial leverage, I'll proceed to executing some ideas which I think will solve the problem.

How about you? How are you doing? I'd be happy to hear your comments and plans for this year.
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