Wordpress or Blogger Which is Better?

Blogspot vs Wordpress

As the domain dannybuntu.com expires, much thought has gone into which is indeed the better platform for blogging, blogspot or wordpress? It would seem that the best way to analyze the question would be to use quantitative measures.

For this we would be using:
1. Google Trends as a measure for Popularity Over Time
2. Alexa.com for Traffic
3. Google Keyword Tool External for Interest

Although by no means definitive, these two by far, are the most viable options due to the level of data gathered and organized.

I. Blogspot vs Wordpress Round 1: Google Trends 

Chart 1A: "Blogger vs Wordpress" - All Regions

Chart 1A

Chart 1B: "Blogger vs Wordpress vs Blogspot" - All Regions

The possibility of ambiguity rears its head as the word "blogger" is also the generic term for a person who blogs. Thus a comparison must be made with all three included. The results are pretty much in favor of blogspot.

Chart 1B

Chart 1C: "Blogspot vs Wordpress" - United States

Here's where it gets interesting. Note: Oregon, Washington and San Francisco, California. Generally, the trend clearly shows the steady and increasing popularity of Wordpress over blogspot in the United States. The point of intersection lies at the juncture when Microsoft's blogging platform "Livespaces" moved to Wordpress.

Needless to say, the union of the two proved immensely consequential and could be an indicator for further favor of Wordpress over Blogspot

Chart 1C
Chart 1D: "Blogger vs WordPress vs Blogspot" - United States

Chart 1D
II. Blogspot vs Wordpress Round 2: Alexa 

Chart 2A: Blogspot

Chart 2A
Chart 2B: Wordpress

Chart 2B
III. Blogspot vs Wordpress Round 3: Google KTE

Chart 3A: Blogspot vs Wordpress in Google Adwords Traffic Estimator

Chart 3A
Chart 3B: Blogspot themes vs Wordpress themes in Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Here's where the data becomes "funny". Note when "blogspot themes" appear. Verification of this interesting outlook in Google trends next.

Chart 3B
Chart 3C: Wordpress Themes vs Blogger Themes vs Blogspot Themes in Google Trends

Data verification for significant difference between searches made for "wordpress themes" as opposed to "blogger themes" and "blogspot themes" is corrborated.

Holy cow.

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