If Only Steve Jobs...

Steve Jobs Poster Portrait

Steve Jobs, the charismatic icon who has propelled Apple Corporation to the forefront of the mobile revolution is very sick. The details of his current health are very sketchy although many are pointing to cancer as the primary concern. Health is an issue that's often the part of the private lives of individuals, however public figures are different specially when the fate of a corporation hangs in the balance.

Some interesting questions do arise when it comes to the revolutionary tech leader. For instance, is he really that critical, that essential to Apple Corporation that everybody seems to be holding their breaths whenever health issues arise for the CEO?

Apple, for what it's worth, makes cellphones and other gadgets primarily used for entertainment. Ultimately, the real value of Steve Jobs as a CEO is seen primordially from the eyes of Western media and American Bloggers whose whole world may revolve around the guy. Not that the importance of Steve Jobs is being downplayed here, it's just that from an outside perspective, Steve is one among many.

Consider Steve Jobs and Bill Gates,

Bill Gates And Steve Jobs Poster 24x36 

Bill Gates retired and successfully handed the reigns to a successor before he got sick, he recently sold 90 million Microsoft stocks, founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation meant for philanthropic purposes, has donated several billions of dollars for health, education, energy, and development for developing nations and has constantly egged the world's wealthy to donate their riches.

Steve Jobs on the other hand, belatedly acknowledged his daughter, scrapped Apple's philanthropic endeavors and makes it even harder for others to do the same


Steve's legacy is recognized, but it's time that he lived the remainder of his life to do good for others. To those who are given much, much is required. With great power comes great responsibility. His responsibility now lies with handing over the reigns to a successor. The successor to Jobs will always be inferior when compared to him but that cannot be avoided.


This is 'LISA', one of Apple's earliest computers. UPDATE: 08/28/2011 The picture disappeared somehow, but I guess you can understand the point. Lisa really is a computer - the person below is Steve Jobs' daughter - Lisa Brennan-Jobs

Lisa Brennan-Jobs
This is Lisa Brennan-Jobs, Steve Jobs' daughter.

Read more about her here: