Power, so intoxicating, so deceiving and so fickle, is an illusion that dissipates like a misty fog blown away by the gales.

The people who cling to it, the ones who desire it, the ones who defend it with all their gall, are the ones who have experienced the lack of it for a long time early on their lives.

That's why you always have angry revolutionaries, that's why you have people with purported causes, that's why you have people with messianic complexes and people who do things that we may see as good - but in reality is just a mask - meant to cover up the powerlessness of their own lives.

I've seen it all too often. I've experienced it too and humbly bow my head acknowledging that I have no power.


Perceived moral authority is often used over rational discourse in the guise to acquire power. I've heard of a poor woman, who wished to exact revenge on the rich by saying,

"there will come a time when the rich will be poor and I will be rich."

I know of someone who exerts all his efforts in the hope that one day, all his creditors will be coming to him to borrow money.

I have met someone who ruled others with an iron fist only to fail on his own - because he had no power over the one thing that he should have power over - himself.

I have met people who invoke divine vengeance from all sorts of deities, to ensure that others will pay for their transgressions.

I have met an employer, who came out of poverty in a society plagued by discrimination against the poor, - to exact his revenge on someone who is capable but rich. He declined the work application not because the man was unqualified - he passed all of the tests - but because of the man's background.

I have seen the weak minded suddenly become strong because of deceived popular vote. Now that they have the position to effect some change - they exact revenge under the guise of finding the truth - instead they have cast a pall over themselves.

I have seen the powerless, suddenly rise to power, who showcased nothing but the fact that he is in power to impress his friends, to have praise heaped upon him to have all of the things he never had before he was not in power.

I have met many who gleefully brag that they have taken the lives of many, and have not gone to prison because they know of people in power.


The truth of the matter is, nobody has power. True power lies in the infinite that the human condition prevents. We are merely dusts being carried in the horizon, pretending that we are flying. We deceive ourselves by acquiring external matters or by exerting gestures to show that we are in control and we are in power.

The fact of the matter is:

Weder weder lang yan.