Laughter, The Best Medicine IIOh, how I delight in laughter. Those ticklish streams of cognitive and linguistic skill.

The best ones to laugh are the little ones, those whose joy is as shallow as the stream.

Nowadays, the laughter I hear often are the ones made by boisterous drunkards - the ones that sound like


...or the ones by the people who laugh while in Starbucks at the poor child picking food in the trash. Sitting idly, wasting time while the rest of the world can only watch....

Don't get me wrong, it's still fairly easy to evoke emotions even through digital media, but the ability to evoke laughter transcends the ability to well, just write.

Other emotions are easily aroused with simple words.

Take for instance:

1. Anger, annoyance, hatred and similar emotions can be created by just reading this:

(insert cuss word here + "you") 

2. Sorrow can be derived by concocting a sob story:

(X + died, got lost, has cancer, vanished into thin air, turned into a banana)
3. Delight can be elicited through something that arouses the interest such as 

(X + did S (scandalous perhaps?), created T version x.xx, is giving away x, is doing x to x)

4. People turn green with a combination of these words

("I" have X, which has F features, which I bought for P, which does F. So now I A, B, C, D, H, while I sip coffee. Too bad you don't have X, it would have made you E, I, J, like me.)

5. A cause could give people a reason....

(X is doing X1 because Y is Y-ing the Z of X. Now, you have the chance to X2 so you can
X1 to help out X. Long live X!)

6. Confusion arises when too many big words are used by eggheads.

(The ramifications of X are substantiated through the X+Y+Z/G1, which necessitates the creation of 
B * Y. Therefore, a sound application of X+Y+Z+Z/G1 PLUS B * Y are derived only through the 
juxtaposition of B - H + C)

7. The beauty of laughter is that it can be as simple as this (although by no means LOL is universally applicable)


The Healing Power of Humor