$59 for a Paid Guest Blog Post

Hard Box Full Pack Cigarette Case (100's) (Assorted)

Yes, I'm smoking again. But in a bid to keep a promise, I'll still continue the paid guest posting thingie that I wrote about.

Today is March 1, so the rate should be $59 USD. 

That's quite a lot for 1 single guest post. It almost makes me want to cry. It took me several articles to earn that much.

Now, there have been interested parties, but none of them passed a key criteria:

Make me laugh. 

Show me your wit in one or two sentences, plus meet the other requirements and I'm going to let you write 1 article for 

$59 USD

One time offer
Yea, I'll try to quit tomorrow.

I'm practically a living and willing proof to show you that yes, you can make money blogging.