My Love and Hate Relationship with Trees

I was a sub-urban Filipino kid, then I loved trees.

And I think I am a member of Greenpeace, or was - I don't actually pay the dues anymore.

But when I moved here, my perspectives changed a bit.

I don't love them when the storm makes them sway like angry giants. Or when they fall during a storm and almost crush our house and greenhouse.

I hate them when their leaves cause more than 2 weeks of sweeping.

Yet, there's still a small glimmer of love that I know is here somewhere.

I love them because a large blue bird sometimes lives on them.

I love them because they provide us with shade and coolness whenever it gets too sunny.

I love watching them grow.

But despite that love, I know that I have to cut some of them someday. If you ever saw a large tree branch falling randomly anywhere, then you'd know that they can be really dangerous.

The "ana-e" tree has beautiful flowers that make it look like a firetree during December. But their branches are so heavy that they can crush cement when they fall. Cleaning them up is also difficult, because the large tree branches have spines that are so small yet so painful when you touch them.

I suddenly thought about this post, because of a recent video I saw on TV, or rather on my computer:

Sorry, there was no embed code, they really want you to visit their site.

Click here: Alleged illegal logger throws stones at news team

What do I think about illegal logging?

I think it's a blatant crime against nature. But that it's also a touchy socio-political  issue. Livelihoods, lack of education and more. If you have ever seen the family of an illegal logger, then you'd have to try and balance that with what is more valuable - livelihood or nature?

Before I write too long, I'll write about this soon in my other politically themed blog.

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