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Official Google Blog: Introducing the Google+ project: Real-life sharing, rethought for the web

After going through the numerous blog posts detailing how Google+ works, I've decided that I won't be able to find any invites today. By now, you would have gotten your daily fill of the same thing:

and finally,

Reinventing Video Conferencing

Of all the things that one could appreciate with Google+, it must be the "hangouts" feature. It's like being in the TV show "Friends" except that you're not in Central Perk or actually in the same pad - you're just in your online "hang out". As geeky as it sounds, it may actually have several practical uses which are very easy to imagine. Several companies that offer video conferencing suites are in for some heavy competition from Google. After all, how can they beat free?

Note: Hot blonde in video. Must watch.

Turning Content Sharing Smarter

Have you ever published an article that you wished to share with some Facebook friends but not want to share it with your mom or gramps? Google+ intelligently addresses this issue by giving you the ability to share within circles. It's like Facebook lists, except that it's been given a more prominent role in social interaction via its accessible interface.

How Google+ Will Beat Facebook

Two words:

Group Chatroulette.

*Wink wink....

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