People With Google Plus Invites

We know that you're looking for Google Plus Invites. In fact Google has had to temporarily turn invites off because there's just too many people who want to play around with it. 

Take heart, we're compiling a list of the people who have Google Plus Invites so that you could tweet, message, email and "kindly request" them for one. Don't forget the magic word!

Now we're assuming that the people on Google Plus also have invites, after all, it wouldn't make sense for them to be on it and not be able to invite anyone right?

Here goes!

1. Leo Laporte - @leolaporte
2. Gina Trapani - @ginatrapani
3. Alan Henry - @halophoenix
4. Robert Scoble - @scobleizer
5. Jeff Jarvis - @JEFFJARVIS
7. Mashable Contest -
8. Ebay - Google Invites for Bidding - BE VERY Careful there! Caveat Emptor!!!!
9. Matt Cutts - @mattcutts
10. Jennifer Lee - @jenny8lee
11. Mark Zuckerberg - What?!? Yep, Mark Zuckerberg is on Google Plus

I'll continue scouring the web for you, but if you appreciate my efforts I would be glad if you handed one to me, just mail me :)

If you have any tips about someone, feel free to hit the comment section!

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