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Let's say that you know that you're going to live for 60 years.

World of Warcraft Battle ChestThe initial 20 of those years are spent on the early stages of life. Let's call it the accelerated learning stage.

The next 20 years is spent on working and applying what you've learned. This does not go to say that you will stop learning, work experience is a vital component of learning in our later years.

If you're lucky, the remaining 20 years should be for retirement and maybe even travel. Some opt to not retire and continue on working for 20 more years.

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20 years is more or less equivalent to 7,304.84 days

20 years = 175,316.26 hours
20 years = 10,518,975.3 minutes

Horsehead NebulaNow let's say that you play online games 1 hour every day. If my computations are right, that's 7,304.84 hours in 20 years or 304.37 days.

It's almost a full year out of the 20.

The question is, what is the value of your time spent on online games?

Well, it's relaxing, it's fun, it soothes ourselves from the daily stresses of life and some would say that it helps us face the next days of stress.

But what if you are not employed?
What if you don't have a job?

I thought about leaving this in an open ended way but decided to take a stand. There's nothing wrong with playing. There's nothing wrong with enjoying yourself 1 hour every day - but if you are like me, and if you see your life as a project - then engaging yourself in an activity that does not produce any tangible result is next to nothingness.

We are engaging in nothingness. Think about that, it's an insight that's so obvious that we really don't see its simplicity.

So what?

Your life could be different. You could have a purpose. You could do something. You could be of use to other people. Your potential could be maximized.

NASA - The Horsehead Nebula Print PosterRemember this: the ones who created the game are benefited more than the ones who are playing and paying for it.

It's your choice.