You Want To Do This

A big shoutout to this blog I literally stumbled upon a few minutes ago:

The idea of selling all your belongings, quitting your job and then backpacking all over the world is one thing that lingers in the mind like a gallant flea on a hot summer afternoon. 

Who does this, right? 

Rich single people that's who. 

I guess, if ever I would do this, it would have to be a family trip on a comvee ala Wild Thornberrys.   

My youngest son would be Donnie the wild boy. And all of my daughters would be Eliza, so they say.

I, of course, would be the impeccable Nigel Thornberry and my wife would be the wonderful Marianne.

While dads and moms do wish that they could go away for awhile, I've gotten used to being with my little munchkins 24/7.

Kids, they kinda grow on you.

But enough about me and Nigel Thornberry. Go get yourself a backpack

Large Extreme Pak InvisibleTM Pattern Camouflage Backpack