Free Adsense Webinar Invitation

I Got a Free Google Adsense Webinar
from the Email
You need this, I need this. There's nothing like the real thing when it comes to these free and official webinars.

As much as possible, we want to get to the original source of information and that's why these free adsense webinars from Google remain an invaluable resource and a much appreciated solution for small bloggers like me.

Danny on Google+

The last time I attended any of these online business related webinars, it was conducted by Jay Berkowitz a well known and well connected Internet Marketer from Canada. His collection of FREE internet marketing podcasts (50 episodes in all) remain an invaluable resource for beginning and intermediate marketers who'd like to get a feel for the online business environment

The man is really accommodating and still holds free and regular Internet marketing webinars which you could find on their company website. (See: Ten Golden Rules

What Should I Ask the Google Adsense Team?
The webinar invite that I got from Google Adsense offers us the chance to ask a question to their expert. As a newbie in this sphere, I really have no intelligent question that I could think of right now. If you like, you could tell me what I should ask them and I would write on my blog after the webinar.

I'm really excited about this and would love to learn more from the Google Adsense team.

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