America's Army 3 - The Gentleman's FPS

It's a foggy morning in a Czervenian town and a quiet one too. Most of the civilians were evacuated by the Czervenian government weeks before as the town holds the key to the bridge which eventually leads to the capital. The bastion of a renegade dictator, a man defiant against the International community and a progenitor of several atrocities. He knew the strategic importance of the town. Plastic chairs inspired by Italian al fresco cafes litter the street in wanton disarray. Trucks and vans were used as barricades. All seem to be waiting for the coming of America's Army.

America's Army 3: The Most Underrated First Person Shooter
It is evident that the developers of the official game of the US Army are trying to strike a balance between realism and fun. AA3 may be free to download, but it's nevertheless a game that's not just a game. It's also a recruitment tool, complete with comics and links to joining the US Army.

Sure, the game play could at times be slow, unlike popular commercial first person shooters, but that in itself is its main appeal. There can be no John Rambos in this game unlike other games, because it's a game of patience and strategy.

Communication plays a vital role here, as the sniper is tasked with pointing out enemy positions for the grenadiers who hold the M320s and the quick riflemen who are armed with M4A1 or M16 assault rifles.

Here, the number of kills or frags takes a secondary role for the good of the team.

Protecting a fallen comrade and bringing him to safety garners more points than killing someone. I would know, because I usually play the role of a combat medic.

A pile of dead bodies after a grenade

The battle planner

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