Mother's Day Anticipation

Today my wife and I woke up early. As she put it, her stomach was getting harder. Then I quipped half groggily, "Maybe Hannah is celebrating Labor Day one day late."

I'm coming out before Mother's Day
My wife then said, "Maybe she wants to celebrate Mother's Day outside of my tummy." 

As a proud father of 4 kids and mambo number 5 coming on or before May 24, 2012 - I can say that my wife's pregnancy still makes me feel giddy, excited and nervous.

I remember our first baby, she made me nervous for 1 month. Every time my wife's stomach hardens I keep egging my wife to go and let me take her  to the hospital.

4 babies later and the feeling is still the same.

Excited for Mother's Day
Yesterday, my wife and I actually spent the day looking for mother's day gifts - 100 of them to be precise. We're compiling the list for our top 100 mother's day gifts post which we would be publishing pretty soon. I'm also encouraging her to blog since my blogging endeavors are paying off better and better.

Our goal is to be a blog like - but with more soul involved.

We've rearranged our home-office :)

Yes, that's Steve in Blues Clues.
Our computers are dual purpose,
they're also used to entertain our children.
Sure my name isn't Pete Cash - More (I've always wanted to say that - Cash - more, I like his surname.) but I think I work just as hard, nay, harder.

Since it's our 5th baby already, we already have most of the equipment, er, baby supplies ready.

I'd also like to thank my uncle, Tito Ruding, for making the crib - 10 years ago. Which up to now is still perfectly - perfect. I've been cleaning it to get ready, removing the dust creatures and washing it.

Being a Stay at Home Dad Blogger is a Teency Weency Bit Like Being a Mother
I get to spend most of my time with my kids and get to fulfill my passion at the same time. My wife's job as a mum is tenfold harder. When I write and one of the kids starts bawling, I can tune out the noise or tell them to stop.

"But Daddy, she was teasing me!!!! Waaaaah!!!"  

"Stop teasing her. Keep quiet both of you. Go to the room I'm writing."

My wife handles things differently, she'd have to speak to them longer than my one to three liners.

Mother's Day is May 13, 2012
We think the baby is coming before that so she could greet her mum!