Play Oprah's Facebook Game

Move over Farmville and Zynga, Oprah's taking over Facebook.

Oprah Winfrey, recently announced that she's launching a Facebook game that aims to show the world, how "One 'thank you'" can change it. The game's purpose is to make people thank other people on the social network and then share it. The objective is to make people see the good in other people.

This is going to go viral in 3-2-1....

From her page,

Use these three tricks to the give the most powerful thank you:
1. Find the benefit. What good came to you because of this person? "THANK YOU! Your showing up early to the meeting today really helped calm me down."
2. Acknowledge the effort. What might have been hard for them? "I know it's hard to get out the door early - especially with 3 kids!"
3. Spot the strength. What good do you see in the person you're thanking? "You showed a lot of kindness by making the effort to be there with me today."

I've always been a very thankful person so, this is gonna be easy. I wonder how we can level up. :)

Gooooo Oprah!!!!

Play Oprah's Thank You Game on Facebook
All you have to do is thank someone, whether online or in real life and then share to everyone that you've thanked someone. :) Easy as 1 2 3.

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