Facebook Game - Hunger Games Adventure

Let's assume for a moment, that you are like me - a 30 year old guy with kids who has absolutely no clue about what The Hunger Games is all about.

Try to guess. Well, I know it's a book that may be over-hyped with teenager hormones and a large marketing budget.

Then they turned it into a movie and now they're turning it into everything. Games, mugs, shirts, stickers, notebooks, perfumed dolls...

Fans of the Hunger Games, and I know that you are rabid creatures, may want to take a look at this Facebook game.


Since the game is still in beta, a lot of changes are expected to happen pretty soon. My initial impression however is that it is a game that's been made solely to relive the experience of the books.

People who are not familiar with it, may get bored easily specially without the requisite character identification. But it was interesting enough that my 9 year old daughter watched intently as I wrote about this game.

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