New Disney Facebook Game for Kids Launched

Today, Disney announced that it was launching an environmentally themed adventure game on Facebook called the Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers. Perfect for the little ones, this game endeavors to provide a more thematic and educational experience without taking the fun part away.

It's really simple, you take on the role of an adventurer who tries to build up your own animal reserve park whilst solving quests and learning interesting factoids about animals and nature.

My 9 year old daughter really liked the portion where she has to find the missing objects in the picture - kinda like finding hidden pictures of objects behind a cereal box.

Facebook Game Disney Animal Game for Kids: Can you find the boots?
It took me 2 minutes!
The artwork is carefully detailed and strikes one with that magical Disney appeal that you'd often find in their animations.

As a parent, its greatest appeal to me is the child friendly content that has long been elusive in many Facebook and social networking games. More importantly, it teaches children about the importance of our role as nature's caretaker.