DragonBlogger is Giving Away a Diablo 3 Game

I reek of desperation to get this game, don't I? Ah, no matter. 

The Dragonblogger has spoken and all who dare traverse the icy mountains of the North will get a chance to get the game at virtually no cost. The red winds of the coming evil speaks of the impending onslaught that is coming to New Tristram. Oh, weary traveller such as I, where hast thou tread your worn down sandals? The vipers glance at your ankles and the swords have come unsheathed, yet you remain to bear witness to this glorious day.

Oh, enough of that weird speak, Justin Germino's the Dragon Blogger is a technology blog holding this game giveaway contest and I have to give it a shot since it's free to join. The limit is $59.99 and if you're an International participant, he'll just Paypal you the money - note that the game actually costs more than the price of $59.99 shown in Amazon and most other websites. So, if by any chance you really get to win the game and you're outside the US, you're gonna have to fork over some extra cash for taxes and shipping. Why am I blogging this? Because doing so gives me 10 entries. Booyah!
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