Jesus Game on Facebook

In Jesus Game We Play, Amen.

God Loves You
Where do I start with this? On one hand, there's a game about Jesus on Facebook, that you could play for free and links to a Christian themed website. On the other hand, just like in other games you have to buy gold, chop wood, collect stars and watch as your 2D character moves somewhat mechanically around the screen. 

On the Upside

The game fills in a gap in the world of social media gaming which is traditionally dominated by adaptations and reincarnations of old console games, movie to game themes, casino games and of course, farm games. As a general rule, religious games are taboo in the world of gaming whose common theme is destruction and death. With the introduction of this game in social gaming, Christian members of Facebook stand to benefit from a meaningful and entertaining presentation of the life of Jesus Christ.

Sharing Scripture
Sharing scripture via Facebook used to be done via copy and paste. Now, with the help of this game Christians who want to share scripture can do so with less reservations since what is actually being shared is actually part of the game. 

The Downside
The gameplay is not very original and sometimes does not make sense. For instance, in one part of the game, the player needs to chop some wood to clear the obstruction in the roadway - why not just leap over the small fence? Of course, the same applies with other similar games with the same mechanics. 

The graphics are not as appealing and reminds one of Farmville's artwork - except that the people are dressed like they're from the biblical times. 

Even the musical score is not as original, the intro scene is Enya's Emmanuel and the actual thematic music sounds like it's taken from another game. 

Generally, this facebook game was designed with the intention of providing an alternative gaming experience to Christians. Hence, it's a niche game designed to offer a somewhat similar experience to other mainstream games with a Christian theme. 

Whether you're a Christian or just a person who's interested in getting to know the tenets of Christianity, this game is a good way of learning about the teachings of Christ without delving too deep into scripture and without being too "religious". 

Play The Journey of Jesus on Facebook

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