Should Husbands Buy Mother's Day Gifts For Their Wives?

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On one side of the argument, they're not really our mothers - they're our wives/partners. Sure they're the mother of our children, but you know what I mean.

Consider this, if that's the case shouldn't we be calling it wives' day?

Every year, every husband and every person who has a mom might be thinking about the same conundrum, should I give to my wife who's a mom or should I give to my mom?

On the other hand, one could say that the qualifying argument is the status of motherhood. Ergo, if the person is a mother, she is automatically qualified. Period. So in this case, we would have to buy gifts for both and maybe even for the mother-in-law. After all, it would do you a lot of good to make the other side feel happy about you.

My Personal Opinion
Personally, I think it really doesn't matter. Forget about the material and logistical nightmare for a moment and consider this point: We're celebrating this because we want to show appreciation to the concept of motherhood. We want to highlight the value of mothers in society today.

Imagine a world where there are no mothers and kids would be brought up by dudes who stay in front of the computer all day playing World of Warcraft.

Imagine a world where every grownup, both male and female spend their time working for themselves and just doing whatever the heck they want to do in life.

I'm an Asian so my beliefs are a wee bit conservative by American standards but think about it.

What would society be like without mothers?

  • Children would only think of themselves and grow up to think only of themselves. I believe personally, that there is an element of gracious sacrifice for every good mother out there. Foremost among the things that they sacrifice, is time and ambition. 
  • There would be more punks. I'm not talking about the punk lifestyle, but the "punk punks". Rebels without a cause. Disaffected youths who care only about their own situation. 
  • Kids would grow up wiping their snots on their shirts. Seriously. 
Anyway, how about you? Would you be buying mother's day gifts for your mom, your wife or mother-in-law?

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