7 Homemade Mother's Day Gift Ideas [Videos]

Homemade Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2012
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Now some of you might be thinking of exploring your artistic side by creating personalized and homemade mother's day gift ideas. You better be quick because, you have approximately 48 hours til mother's day. I know, I'm getting nervous myself, because my wife is about to become a new mother in frankly the same time! Isn't that awesome?! Zoiks, my nerves are already a wreck.

I can't stop thinking about it, I can't stop writing about it and quite honestly, I am going crazy over it!

As a stay at home dad who makes a living online by writing, all I do is think, think, think and then write, write and write.

Then it hit me, a lot of you are probably searching for these homemade mother's day gift ideas, I might as well collect them for you in one page. So without further ado:

7 Homemade Mother's Day Gift Idea Videos

1. Homemade Paper Flowers - Click Here to find more videos on how to make paper flowers on Youtube

Though you may be aware of the song called paper roses, they do possess a distinct advantage to real ones - paper roses don't wilt as easily and they are just as beautiful. Nature may not have made them directly in all its miraculous glory, but you have - and your mother would appreciate that all the same.

2. Homemade Tote Bags - Click Here to find more videos on how to make homemade tote bags on Youtube

The next best thing to a handy dandy tote bag, is an eco-friendly and green tote bag. They're quite handy for toting around and you can even personalize it by adding your personal message. Don't make it too cheesy though - or else mom, wouldn't be toting it around real soon!

3. Homemade Flower Necklaces - Click here for more videos

Any material that's elegantly beautiful and simple could be made into something more special if you just know how to do it. One of the easier things to make for a special day like Mother's day is a flower necklace. Affordable, beautiful, colorful and strikingly elegant in its simplicity, a flower necklace brings one back to the simpler days when children make special items for their mothers and drape them around their necks.

4. Homemade Charm Bracelets for Mom - Click here for more videos

I don't quite understand women's obsession with bracelets and charms, but my wife insists and so, she's the boss you know. :)

5. Cross Stitched Flowers - Click here for more videos

Believe it or not, there was once a time in my life when some people made me do cross-stitching. It was a school project and I was really, really bad at it. But who knows, you could be the grand master of cross stitching right? You probably wouldn't be able to do this as quickly or in time like the others, but you could just as well try it, maybe for next year's mother's day.

6. How to Crochet a Bag - Click here for more videos

Now this one is cute and quite heart warming. Crocheting may take some time to accomplish but their use and beauty stands to last for a long time. The intricate patterns could be anything and this particular video comes with a gorgeous floral pattern.

7. 3D Origami Vase - Click here for more videos

Now here's something fairly new, a 3D Origami Vase. My wife searched for these interesting handicrafts and found that they're really quite adorable. You could use magazine paper or ordinary paper, the only downside that I could think of is that they're not waterproof, but that's okay since they're the perfect containers for your paper flowers. Explore your creative side with these decorative items and who knows, you could be next picasso of 3D origami vases.

That's it, hopefully you have the time to make these interesting homemade mother's day gift ideas into a reality. Just in case you don't, feel free to peruse the extensive list of mother's day gifts that we made specially for you.