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Thanks to Brian for sharing this unfortunate news from the team.

Hello everyone,We wanted to take a moment to thank our Prizes community for all of your support and provide a product update. Over the next six months, we will be retiring the product. By January 31, 2013, across platforms--on the web, Android or iOS--will no longer be supported. We’re so grateful to all of you for your participation and engagement since we launched last year, but the product isn’t experiencing the kind of adoption we had hoped for. We wanted to provide you with advance notice and some additional information about timing, exporting your text-based entries and cashing out your remaining credits:July 13, 2012 -- account creation and prize creation will no longer be available July 31, 2012 -- Prizes Entry Exporter will be available for contestants to export entries January 31, 2013 -- last day to cash out any remaining credits via PayPalIf you’d like to delete your account, y…

How to Build a Business Using Freelancers and Legos

So how do you build a business using freelancers?

Easy is a business, I am a freelancer, and I can build a 3D lego

This is's business address
Suite 52, Jones Bay Wharf
26-32 Pirrama Rd
Pyrmont, New South Wales

I put the logos on the exact address on Google Maps. COOL! Here's the first mockup that I made. >>

Here's the second one: >>


Really Cool: Build Lego Houses with Chrome

Build 3D Lego Houses Online for free on Google Maps with

Check out my house here

The Business of Ideas

This is easier done online than offline.

In the new virtual economy, ideas are the goods. Whether in words, pictures, videos or animations, the visual embodiment of ideas will continue to be the main and foremost currency that will be exchanged in the online world.

That is the premise that you have to build on if you truly want to build a business using freelancers.

When you hire a freelancer to create your logo, you are not just hiring an artist who can put shapes, lines and colors together. You are hiring someone to impart the idea inspired by that logo. This idea should be able to paint a picture of a thought on the mind of the person who sees it.

When you hire a freelancer to design your web page, you want the theme to reflect the mood and the emotions that go along well with your message. It is your canvass waiting to be painted with words, pictures and videos.

When you hire someone to write, you expect that someone to believe in what he is writing. To successfully impart what you wan…

Like a Hungry Dog

Persistence, is a unified effort. Almost like being a zombie, but really more like a dog who's chasing something. Always hungry. Forgetting pain. Finding the strength to get up despite the thorns in our sides.

It's about the errors of circumstance and the ability to balance nothing with something. It's about delving into the nook and crannies of the limits inherent in possibility.

It's about experience and imagination fused into one. Going about in ways that we have never thought of before.

With my current project underway on how to build a business online using freelancers, I have stretched my limitations and hopefully imparted something worth pursuing. It's about stating the things that are already in front of us and I will chase it like a dog would chase something that keeps on moving.

I'll only stop when my own body stops me.

How to Build a Business Using Freelancers Part 2: Trust


The Best Gift A Father Could Have

I'm glad that you came into my life, all of you. With sparkling and shiny eyes, and laughter filling what used to be an empty heart and house, you've made this man more than just a man. You've turned me into a father.

Now I look forward to every day earning my keep in this world, knowing that all my actions are not for my own, but for you. You've given me a very good reason to strive, fight and work to be my best in this world.

I only pray that I live up to your expectations, that I would be able to provide you with the best I can give, that I can help mold this world and the future you would be living in and finally, that I may be able to leave you something beyond the mere words that I have.

My love, my passion, my life, you are all of these.

The best gift a father could have, is you.