A Shy Person's Sales Pitch and Guide to Small Talk for Business

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Nowadays, it has become quite a need for people to be able to make small talks for one reason or another. And if you can’t do so, you get labeled as an introvert or too serious and uptight.

Being shy or an introvert would almost always discourage a person to try out a career in sales and marketing. People would always tell you off that you won’t get anywhere with being shy in sales. But, no matter what you, you really don’t feel comfortable making that small talk with people you barely know.

You don’t know how to respond to short questions that actually don’t mean anything but just to start a conversation. You’re a shy person and you tell yourself you just can’t joke around and carry on a conversation out of nowhere just like everybody else. You’ve attended countless seminars, read self-help books, to no avail.

Still, in today’s business, you need some kind of charisma or sparkle, regardless if superficial, in you to attract attention and execute a social and business negotiation. You need to speak up to do things such as arranging dates or activities with friends and colleagues, delivering presentations, presiding meetings, or closing deals and contracts.

So you need to find some way to make negotiations while still being an introvert. You need to do a sales pitch regardless if you do it in an extravagant way or just simple and hard hitting. Here’s the deal, as a shy person you don’t have to force yourself to be who you’re not. You can stand your ground while you work around the small talk stereotypes with two ways.

Strategy 1. Don’t say anything in reply but instead put on your nice smile. When someone starts making a small talk with you, you can keep quiet. That person will definitely look back at you when you don’t respond and when they do put on your genuine smile. It’s will not come as if you’re pushing them away but instead you’re just being polite in that you really don’t have anything to say to them so just simply smile.

Strategy 2. Don’t force yourself to be like the others in their opening statements and replies. Stay true to yourself and you also do make your sincere reply. You can openly say what you have in mind and then ask for what other person’s thoughts or say in the matter. You’re being honest at the same time welcoming the other side’s perspectives. Sometimes being direct and straightforward can be better than being overly dramatic and attention grabbing.

Being shy doesn’t give you a special bubble you can always stay in while living your daily life. It’s inevitable to conform to certain norms in society but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it your way. As long as you’re not being offensive or you do not have any of that kind of intention, feel free to follow your own persona. Just trust yourself and what you have to offer.

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