The Raven (2012) Movie Review

My wife and I are movie nuts and this is the latest movie we have watched thus far. As the sub heading indicates, John Cusack plays the role of an egotistical literary giant in the person of Edgar Allan Poe who suffers from alcoholism and a penchant for the macabre. With his dark thoughts placed on pen and paper, he struggles mightily to woo the daughter of a rich merchant with his ineffable wit and skill with words.

But while all this is happening, a creepy admirer of his work decided to make Poe's macabre serials into a reality that spells doom to many a hapless victim.

It's a writer meets a gruesome reality type of movie that might have been better played. I'm sorry, John Cusack, as much as your words and literary wit have managed a break even performance, the prospects of The Raven is as dark as the movie itself. It could have been more inspiring if this was played by a more serious and darker actor.

In its defense, the movie was interesting enough to make us postpone sex until the lackluster ending which could have been more dramatic.


Should you watch it?

  • If you have lots of butter popcorn and have nothing else to watch
Would I watch it again?
  • No, not really. 
Parts I liked
  • The enormous amount of play on words that John Cusack has had to struggle with. 
  • Made me more interested in Edgar Allan Poe. 
  • Macabre blood
IMDB Rating: 6 point something, which was ok, given that 5s usually mean dumber movies.

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