Banned in HubPages: Making Money Online - A Poem

Encouraging No-No’s
Banned In HubPages
A Poem by Daniel Andrei R. Garcia

I got banned as a writer in HubPages and I know that it is embarrassing to admit. 

To top that, I got banned 2 weeks after I linked my Google Adsense account in it.


I'm not angry and I suppose they can do anything they want

So what went wrong? They didn't even tell me that I can't


I linked to my own sites that's what went wrong. 

They say it's overly promotional, so go sing a song.


17 articles down the drain with not even a notice

I had to email them and be treated like a lettuce. 


My oldest article there was full of culture and flair, 

About Philippine legends unlike the other articles over there


I took a look at Keyword Tool External and guess what I found

Making money online was one of Hubpages' main stomping ground


Mr. Paul Edmonson the CEO of Hubpages, earlier got angry

For Google Panda may have affected their traffic so sorely


Now I must bid farewell to my poor little articles, 

Written since 2010, they're now as good as stinking pickles


Earning money online is just my sideline for a living, 

Though sometimes I think that the topic is not worth giving


So if you're like me, a weary online traveler 

Do understand that I've warned you not to go under.