How Introverts Can Succeed In Business

Underappreciated, underestimated and oft overlooked, the introvert has never been touted as one of business’ best assets. But what if we told you that an introvert does have a place in the business world, and that it’s an integral part of the success of a company? Don’t believe it? Well, as it turns out, studies have shown that the majority of companies work more efficiently when staff members are separated from one another and left to brainstorm ideas on their own. As our society leans closer to the Linux or Wordpress style movement, we see more use of this principle in allowing workers to develop plans and programs in isolation before allowing their colleagues a crack at improving and changing these ideas. If that’s not a principle built in introverted personality traits, what is?

Getting Around The Extrovert Model

While typical workplaces tend to be set up in order to cater to the extroverted people in the workplace, there are definitely ways for introverts to find their own path within the office, or better still, outside of it. Today’s office model is one that is moving towards cost cutting, meaning that managers and owners are looking to pay as little in overhead as they possibly can. If they can find a way to downsize their office space, their technical costs, or the cost of a commute, they will. More and more companies are opening up to the idea of hiring remote employees to do tasks from a location outside of an office, which opens a huge door for introverts looking to make headway.

Forget Small Talk

Introverts hate useless banter. While extroverts draw energy and enthusiasm from the mere mention of social interaction, introverts would rather say only words that matter. In order to avoid small talk, one suggested method is to show how effective you can be without it. Instead of doing the usual dance around a potential client at a social event, cut to the chase by disclosing something mildly personal which will intrigue your conversational partner. Open yourself up by admitting your disdain for these types of social situations. This raw honesty is going to paint you as honest and straightforward, tough traits to come by in the business world.

Make Your Words Matter

When it comes right down to it, you don’t have to say much to be considered an asset. Speak openly and honestly with your boss. Show your superiors that you have useful information they can use to get ahead. If you’re a Social Media expert in your spare time, consider drafting up a plan for your company to use in order to tap into this aspect of marketing. If you’re a financial guru, talk to your boss about the benefits your company could see from using a small business credit card over a loan. These pointed pieces of advice are going to completely overshadow your shy personality as they boost you to the top of your game in the business world.

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