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Disclosure: This post is a sponsored blog post by which is offering leasing auctions targetting the UK, London area. They reached me via my gig which promises to blog about their business objectively.As of today, their website is unoperational, but I'll still have a go at the general gist of how I understand their business.

With the 2012 London Olympics transpiring soon, finding affordable leasing arrangements will be a challenge for tourists and enthusiasts alike who want to experience and witness both the spirit of athleticism and the beauty of London itself. 

Check the London 2012 Olympics schedule 

Formerly known as the "The Wen", "The Big Smoke" or "The Square Mile" in the days of old, this bustling and iconic European city has a tremendous amount of culture built into the very fabric of its existence.
London, England
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The setting of countless classical literary masterpieces, including Oliver Twist, The Canterbury Tales, 80 Days Around the World, Great Expectations and more, London is also known as one of the first cities with extensive CCTV footage every 35 yards (32.004 meters)

With the Olympics, security has been at its highest levels too.

To top these concerns, the reports that residential leasing or home rentals have spiked to 150% making London a very expensive place to rent in. One such property mentioned in the article normally costs £40,000 is now priced at £100,000 - a week. That's roughly $156,170 US Dollars. 

Palace of Westminster - London, England
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What I think about

Well, first of all, I think they should get their site up - very soon, like yesterday actually or last month. 

They have a lot of catching up to do and I've actually done some research with regards to London properties and the lease rates are spiking so high that services that help both landlords, tenants and tourists are at a premium. 

Now from what I understand of their service and I might be wrong, is essentially introducing a combination of Ebay style auctions for rentals. 

That's as simple as I can understand it. 

And if I'm correct with my assessment, it bears a lot of promise that we should see very soon once the site is up and operational. 

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