How to Reset Login Keyring in Ubuntu 12.04

Flickr: SecretLondon
As a perennial Ubuntu newbie (I keep switching between Windows and Ubuntu and check out the latter only after a new release), one of the more confusing things about Ubuntu are the large amounts of passwords.

Well ok, basically there are two that are quite confusing and one of them is the login keyring password. When you change your user password, the hubba bubba tends to nag you about the login keyring every fricking time you logon, since it is now different from that other password.

Moreover, the top of the search engine rankings about the password is often not the solution I'm searching for. Google fails in this regard that's why I'm boosting the right solution which I found here:

How to Change Ubuntu Login Keyring Password 

There, I hope that this boosts Lucy's blog up the rankings so people instantaneously find the right answer on how to reset the login keyring password for Ubuntu 12.04.