Will Marissa Mayer Save Yahoo?

With a yet again new CEO on board, Yahoo.com seems to me like it's a sinking ship with a conveyor belt of captains at the helm.

It doesn't matter who's the captain, it's a fricking sinking ship with its anchors right at the top of the deck, plunging it down with sharks as investors circling in for the kill.

Even Einstein himself wouldn't be able to come up with a unified theory on how to save Yahoo, but there's always hope and Marissa Mayer, a former Googler of very high regard seems poised to superhumanly lift Yahoo out of its misery.

Compete.com data

What's All the Fuzz with Yahoo.com Anyway?

Pundits and analysts alike are acting more like Perez Hilton about Yahoo.com as if it were Justin Bieber. Moreover, so-called activist investors within Yahoo itself are always poised to grab the reigns from the rampaging Internet giant.

I went around and picked up some choice morsels from around the web to try to understand what's going on.

  • Jon Swartz and Scott Martin over at USA Today, pointed out that those Barney Stinson look-alikes over at Wall Street seem to be pleased with a legen - wait for it, wait for it - dary fervor that it has brought Yahoo's shares up by 2%. Much of the optimism seems to be anchored on the capabilities of Marissa Mayer to attract severely needed top notch talent to the company. New leadership > new hope > new talent > new innovations and new potentials for revenues
  • Businessweek's Brad Stone seem to be cautiously optimistic, like a Wookie inside the Death Star, highlighting that putting a superstar CEO at the helm of Yahoo.com could lead to two things - a surprise turnaround to Yahoo's misfortunes - or the doom of yet another CEO. He also noted that  Yahoo's corporate mission and vision is somewhat vague. Like, what does “create deeply personal digital experiences” mean? 
  • As usual, Mashable.com posted the most enlightening and deep account of them all by pointing out that Marissa is pregnant. High five Mashable! No, just kidding... 
Personally, to me, as an ordinary nobody with silly opinions and an Internet connection, Yahoo.com is the first ever website I ever visited. And no, that's is not my security question on any of my email accounts. 

It used to be the gateway to the Internet in the sense that, back then, everything appeared to be contained inside Yahoo. For a time, even Google was inside Yahoo. If you want to find websites about blueberry cheesecakes, you go to Yahoo. If you wanted pornography, Yahoo used to be good at finding that too. 

But then with Google's superior search engine, I rarely visit yahoo.com now. I now see it as two things:
  • A free email host
  • A news website
Therein lies the problem. The free Gmail killed Yahoo mail and a hundred million or other news websites puts Yahoo.com in a precarious and extremely competitive niche. But despite that, the numbers are still considerable:
  • 150,000,000+ Unique visitors this May according to Compete.com
  • #4 website according to Alexa.com    
  • $1.06 Billion Revenue for Q1 2011 (TechCrunch)
My Conclusion
Innovate or sell. 

Marissa Mayer

Do You Still Go to Yahoo.com? Why?

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