The Wrath of Nature

The winds from the West howl and travel with the gait of a furious element while bending countless trees with its tireless fury. With waves of belligerent animosity, she shows that she has the power to reign supreme over all land dwellers. With her might, she throws water with a fury of ten thousand men, raining it down on the arrogance of humanity.

She makes the walls of waves rise and throws man's precarious wastes back at him and on his roadways - reminding him that his ineptitude has its price.

Photo by Rem Zamora for ABS CBN News
You reap what you sow, humanity.

try to recover a galvanized sheet from the sea of garbage that was dumped by strong waves off Barangay Happyland in Tondo, Manila on Tuesday. —Photo by Linus Guardian Escandor II from
Garbage. The discarded refuse of man's continuous desire to consume. The long ignored problem that has all of the many solutions yet none of the action - pile up in tons every second of every day. It is unfortunate that it has also becoming man's indelible mark on the planet.