Pet Coconut Seedlings and Plants

UPDATE: Grave Matter for Philippine Coconut Industry

Everyday, we get to hear loud thuds hitting the ground. When we first moved here, we thought wow! Free coconuts! In Manila, coconuts go for P20 each or roughly $0.50 US.

Anyway, after our coco craze has waned (took us 3 years), some of these guys became slightly annoying and some, dangerous.

Getting hit with one of these could send you to the ICU or worst - Funeraria La Something.

So, you should do well to always be on the lookout for cracking sounds from high above and get in the habit of ducking for cover. Better yet, don't stay under a tree for long periods of time.

Adopt Pet Coconut Seedlings or Plants

Coconut seedlings ready to be transferred to their own bags

A few weeks ago, I decided to get the kids to love plants, after all they're living er - creatures too. What better way than to call these plants - pet plants. Now, three of my daughters have their own potted Sans Severias. No pics yet, since they're not overly pretty, but once they've grown, I'll post them.

Then I thought, maybe I'd share the love for plants with others and I'll start with these rambunctious coconuts. So if you feel like you'd like to have your own pet coconut plant - feel free to make an inquiry or contact me. No deliveries, only for pickup.

Adopt a Pet coconut en masse for your real life farmville and I'll even treat you to free Barako Coffee.

Kitten NOT included