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Business opportunities in the Philippines on

As I have mentioned previously, hunting for business opportunities on is one of my favorite hobbies - that aside from playing America's Army 3 on Bridge AI Map, planting gabi, luya and malunggay.

Though is replete with MLM, Networking, "Online Business", food cart, franchising and Eloading schemes in their business opportunities section - occasionally, you do find gems in the rough.

These are tied to real world businesses that produce actual products that's not composed of a mish mash of foreign sounding leaves or roots ground together and packaged with shiny plastic then consequently applied to your face - or underarm. (Yes, I'm talking to you Barley leaf, stem, root or whatever... God, you can find them everywhere...)

1. Popnick Snacks Reselling

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The name is catchy, come on, say it,

"Pop Nick" 

not cornick

"Pop Nick"

You buy it for PHP 1,500 per sack, repack it, then sold to Sari-sari stores or the grocery for a projected profit of PHP1,500 per 15 kg. sack. Easy as 1-2-3.

I've inquired with the seller on this one, but I do have some concerns about logistics. They're in Quezon City. I'm in Lipa City, Batangas.

2. Balloon Workshop

Not really a business opportunity per se, it does provide additional income possibilities or money saving knowledge for anyone who's into events planning, catering, restaurant, flower arrangement or even the photography business.
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Most of these business are tied up to each other so partnering with a supplier could help you save some time if you haven't done so already.

What I'm Really Looking For

Agribusiness opportunities. Most of the existing opportunities in the Philippines you can find advertised online - not just in but also in most websites - are sideline businesses that don't need a lot of work, sweat, capital (I even saw one that claims to turn your PHP 100 to 100,000,000.)

Agribusiness and related propositions are quite hard to find and market - because of 3 requirements that not many people have or are willing to give - land, financial capital and heartbreaking sweat.

Having 2 of these 3, namely, land and sweat, I'm still groping the marketing aspects. Right now, I have 300 luya plants on the ground waiting to grow and 60 gabi plants that need sunshine. We have an inventory of hundreds of sans severia plants, 300 mahogany trees, a few bayabas trees and 1 Staghorn fern that I haven't got a clue on how to propagate.

Do take a look at our agribusiness experiment over at

Right now, I'm still brainstorming on how I can turn these plants into money. Sell em? Yeah, sure, our location is killing us and we can't afford to lease in downtown and compete with the pros.

Online? Now there's a thought. Shipping and logistics is going to be quite troublesome though. I don't have transportation.

If you think you can solve my problem, do feel free to contact me over here: