Blog Convention Philippines Venue

It's 2:49 AM and I cannot sleep. A lot of things have been running around my mind for a while and I haven't been able to post much for the last month - or maybe even longer. I've lost track of my blogging time. I've put a pause on hosting guest bloggers because hosting guest bloggers is like hosting real guests. You have to be pleasant, nice and treat them as VIPs. It takes a lot of brain time and is a huge energy drain to an introvert like me.

Blog Convention Philippines Venue - I know that it's a weird post title. But it's something that suddenly crossed my mind after I visited Google Plus and saw the campaign of a Google Plus acquaintance.

There are a lot of successful - "moneywise" and "exposure-wise" Filipino bloggers in the Philippines, (I'm not one of them) but most of them still belong to an elite cadre of English speaking, SEO toting, marketing and politically related bloggers in Metro Manila.

I'm still brainstorming the idea and tomorrow I have to plant gabi, but anyway, I have to think of ways to stimulate activity here on aside from farming. The physical work is draining my intellectual, emotional and psychological energy and maybe this is it.

Offer a venue for a blog convention or marketing push for free - as in walang bayad na pera na pesos.

Yes, there is a catch - 3 I can think of actually.

1. The place is nothing like it used to look like. 

It used to look like this: Now - it's a jungle ruin and the pool is not operational. To be frank, I would need 15,000 pesos a month to run the pool again. Soooooooo.... :/

But, I can clean up the critical parts and prepare for something with some expenditure.

2. It's quite secluded - but it really is accessible. 

The Map -

3. I have to like the convention host

Personality wise, I'm beginning to act like Rabbit in Winnie the Pooh.

48/365 - Grave-Digging Rabbit
Creative Commons Image via Flickr Name too weird to put here...
If people so much as step on my vegetables or pee on them, I might whack em with a gabi or a banana stump...