Reddit + Kickstarter = CrowdTilt

r/TIL that r/IAMA Broke Guy that needs r/Assistance because I don't want to take out a r/loan to fund my r/farming project to plant 1000 papaya r/trees.

Luckily I saw CrowdTilt, as they've described it:

"Redditor fundraising heaven, where Crowdtilt and reddit staff have teamed up to build one group funding platform for everything from a $100 meetup to a $100k fundraiser–and anything in between!"

Since they've launched last month, they've been able to start:

38 campaigns
2,843 users
$58,451 processed
$63,084 pledged

Yep, I got that from their founder's IAMA reddit post.

So far their biggest campaign involved my little pony

Seriously, it's for the Doctor's Without Borders, a verified (501)(c)(3) charitable organization.

For now, it's strictly limited to the US, which is really not awesome. But hey, here's to hoping that it would work out well for the future.

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