A Unique Mother's Day Gift 2013: Make Your Momma Proud

What's the Best Mother's Day Gift for 2013?

You can show her your degree
Or buy a new car with glee!

You can get her a large new house
Or maybe just snag an elegant blouse

Anyway, most just send money
But that just pays for the bills honey!

Manny Pacquiao's mom would you believe
Simply wants a Hermes bag do give her reprieve

Some would give a million dollars
If you still have some please give me a holler!

Lazy ones give flowers
The perfectly symbolic staple power

But how can you really make your momma proud?
Can you jump high and grab a cloud?

Or sing the night away as she did when you were a tot
and carry you too and your heavy assed butt!

The answer I can give you is love
If that's all you can give, just love
If that's all you have, simply love

No, it would probably not make her proud
But it's better than hiding under a fake money shroud

Honor your Mother and your Father is what the good book says
What that means is be of service, work hard, show respect and not just displays!