Guess Who's the First Filipino to Apply For the Mars One Project...

**UPDATE: Why I cancelled my Mars One application

Am I the first Filipino to apply for the Mars One mission?

It was a moment of distant fantasy and it only took $8 to pretend that I actually have a shot at this, but nobody's going to offer this opportunity, real or not, ever again in this lifetime. I'm 31 and I'm not very optimistic that we will develop warp capabilities or bend time and space to achieve feasible interstellar travel, at least not in another 50 to 100 years.

Besides, it only took $8 dollars, a few hours of writing and a video of myself.

The probability of success is like .000001%. But who cares right?

It's an opportunity to go to Mars, however far fetched the plan may be.

So what was it like?



To register and join, click this

After registration I paid $8, since the fee that they applied was somewhat related to the GDP of the Philippines. For Canadian applicants, I think they had to pay $33. Pretty nifty pay scheme.

Filled out some information...

Uploaded a picture of myself

Uploaded a video application

In all honesty, it all sounds a bit "Steorny". Remember them? Unlimited energy from magnet motors people?

But the difference is in what they're actually proposing. Steorn promised unlimited energy.

Mars One aims to send people to Mars.

One breaks the laws of physics. One skirts the very edges of what is possible.

Practically speaking, it is doable, with concerted effort, funding and technological support. But first, it has to come up with investors, supporters, endorsers and a robust and very long marketing bonanza. They need to raise the money to bolster support. This is in essence, the very premise of private space exploration.

Well, at the very least, if you don't actually get sent to Mars, you have the chance to be well, "sorta famous".

Me, I'm placing my bet on, "I hope it's real and I hope I have a chance".

There's actually a section in the registration page entitled: "Private Motivation Letter"

I didn't have a clue as to what they actually want me to write, so I wrote this instead: 

Today, as I write this, my little children Thea and Alex, are playing beside me unaware  of a decision that I have made at this very moment, at this very day. In the hopes of crafting a legacy of intrepid adventure and exploration, I submit this application with the full intent to embark on a project that will take a lifetime. 

I've been through many challenges and tribulations in this life and I believe that embarking on the Mars One project is going to be the ultimate challenge of them all. 

I will surely miss my wife, my children and my family and would always cling on to the hope that I may one day, see them again all grown up and knowing the fact that their father is one of the first people who ever lived and landed on Mars. 

Look to the stars, and know that I am here wishing my greatest outpouring of love to you. 

Maybe it will take eternity, maybe just a few decades, but it is possible and I believe that we could see each other again. 

With all my heart, and with all my soul, I embark on this voyage, a journey to a nearby star.

Coming up next: Will my application be successful or not? Stay tuned :)

From Wikipedia:

Mars One plans to establish the first human settlement on Mars. According to their schedule, the first crew of four astronauts would arrive on Mars in 2023, after a seven month journey from Earth. Further teams would join their settlement every two years, with the intention that by 2033 there would be over twenty people living and working on Mars. The astronaut selection process began on April 22 2013. [25]
As of April 2013, the mission plan is as follows:[4]
  • 2013: a replica of the settlement will be built for training purposes.[16]
  • 2014: The first communication satellite will be produced.
  • July 2015: The astronaut selection process will be completed; four crews of six. [26]
  • 2016: A supply mission will be launched during January (arriving October) with 2,500 kilograms (5,500 lb) of food in a 5 metres (16 ft) diameter variant of the SpaceX Dragon.[16] The fallback if this is not ready in time is either to use a 3.8 metres (12 ft) Dragon or to delay by two years.[27]
  • 2018: An exploration vehicle will launch to pick the location of the settlement.[16]
  • 2021: Six additional Dragon capsules and another rover will launch with two living units, two life support units and two supply units.[16]
  • 2022: A SpaceX Falcon Heavy will launch with the first group of four colonists.[16]
  • 2023: The first colonists will arrive on Mars in a modified Dragon capsule.[16]
  • 2025: A second group of four colonists will arrive.[16]
  • 2033: The colony will reach 20 settlers.[1]
The Mars One website states that the team behind Mars One began planning of Mars One in 2011. The company states that they researched the feasibility of the idea with specialists and expert organizations, and discussed the financial, psychological and ethical aspects of it.[28]