Candy Crush Fever Hits the World

At first, it was a minor annoyance expressed most explicitly in the form of Internet memes. I was thinking along the lines of "Farmville hatred", which on occasion I've been guilty of expressing publicly, much to the embarrassment of some of my Facebook friends (I only have 100 - mostly family). 

Then I discovered Candy Crush, as have Business Insider, "Why Candy Crush is the Number One Game on Facebook and the iPhone", as have the Philippines #1 national daily Philippine Daily Inquirer "Why They're Crazy for Candy Crush" and the DailyMail, pointing out that "Candy Crush Saga Soars Above Angry Birds as World's Most Popular Game". 

True enough, its value is in its ability to inject some candy crushing seratonin in the form of false self fulfillment induced by the thoughts of mashing together orange, red, blue and green candies. 

That said, I think it's a jaw breaker. 

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