Get a Natural Air Purifier: Sansevieria Plant

One of the things that I am amazed about plants, is their ability to purify the air around us and not just convert CO2 to O2.

There are quite a few plants which can do this and in the Philippines, I'm happy to report that 2 of these are very easy to find.

We've done some clearing and we decided to sell our excess inventory of Sansevieria plants.

Also known as mother in law's tongue, it is one of my mother's favorite plants for God knows why.

In fact, it's reputation is very prominent. It is one of the three plants mentioned in a recent TED talk concerning the purifying ability of plants. You can watch it here:

The list of Air Filtering Plants

I've written about the many benefits of the Sansevieria on my advertisement. Hurry we have several thousands of these plants waiting to find a new home. Help purify your air naturally with the Sansevieria plant!