In my life, I have searched far and wide...

this sounds unoriginal but yes I did do that... find meaning

And what I've found made me want to find more

Through the deepness of thought and the baseness of our desires I've found that meaning
is lost for most things in this life.

What matters to me is the divine truth, one that is not easily apprehended or manufactured.
No more callousness and pretensions to being things that most people are not.

We run around in circles, some angrily, some cheerfully whilst saying tiw de dew de dew

Some play games and some aspire to be holy

And it was a struggle, one that is not over, to find what I mean to find in meaning.

Life, as it is, is life.

What we think to be important are usually and most often the unimportant things.

Now that we are here, it is easy to get lost in it.

The myriad lights, profound delights and impressive sights they all bask us in the ever growing lostness in time.

Through it all, I've found nothing new, it is all the same through the ages that flew.

We are all lost, each creates their own meaning like a coffee brew.

But one thing I have known and easily cherished and guarded as I have shown, is that it was all enjoyable as long as I'm with you.

My wife Rowena, my daughters Cassandra, Andrea, Alithea and Hanna.
Of course my son, Alexander.