The Bay of Abandoned Blogs

Tattered sails don't worry me

It was an eerie sight that is all too telling. There were dark clouds in the horizon, ravaged ships hovering and misty wisps of fog obscuring my view.

"Take her slow, I want to take a closer look", I almost whispered to nobody in particular as I held a small and rusty lamp.

The ship reluctantly moved forward at a cautious pace. The sight of so many fallen ships was overwhelming and telling. I held firm as I took stock of each one of them. Some of which I followed through my travels in this ocean of bits and bytes.

It was akin to reading one painful story at a time. What's worse is that I was reading words that were unwritten, pictures that were not posted and souls that have simply moved on or maybe, disappeared.

I knew the captain of this one: big dreams, audacious personality and with eyes that sparkle with candor. The mast hung low and there was a gaping hole at its port side. Last post: 2 years ago.

Welcome to the Bay of Abandoned Blogs

The port itself has seen better days. Weathered and in tatters, many have absconded to bluer seas and more profitable adventures. I myself have had to occasionally enlist as a freelance sailor in the crew of Captain Jason "Goodblogs" Trout. A notable merchant ship plying vegan articles, e-cigarettes and fancy 3D printers, they pay well and have helped me with keeping my own ship afloat.

"Hello! Hello!" I yelled as I saw a tiny flicker of light from one that I have previously failed to see. It was the fabled DreamWalker.

"Ahoy there!" I yelled again.

There she was, the Captain. She waved.

Overjoyed at the sight of another soul I managed to exclaim haphazardly,
"How be ye doin' this day? What be ye doin' in th' bay 'o Abandoned blogs? Well, I be glad that ye're still sailin'!" 
My pirate speak needed some work. 

Thankfully she just smiled and shrugged her shoulders. Hopefully, this should mean that she didn't understand a word I said. That's fine with me. 

"Well, I better be goin' now. It was nice seein' ye again."

And with that I waved tipped my hat.

*Creative commons image via flickr

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