The Power of Vicks Vaporub

It is like slightly solidified "uhug" or "sipon" (mucus) yet as refreshing as the minty breeze of dawn. 

My 3 year old son, Alex came running up to me with a hurried expression.
"Biks papa." he said while handing me the small canister.
"Okay, thank you." I said, not really knowing what his intentions were.
"Put it ander my bak." he exclaims, and I got a few and rubbed it as quickly as I could.
"Is that good?" I asked.
"Yesh, tenk yu!" he said scurrying off to his ate's. 
Vicks Vaporub is one of the things that give almost any Filipino fond memories of their childhood. It is applied for almost any condition regardless if it works or not.

Somebody has a cold or cough? Rub it on their nose, chest and back.
Somebody has a headache? Rub it on their temple.
Somebody wants to pretend to cry? Rub it just beneath the eyes. Perfect for movie stars. 
It can cure almost anything.