How to Embed Pandora AI Bots on Blogspot Using an iframe

What are AI (Artificial Intelligence) chat bots? In a nutshell, they are computer programs that simulate human thought and interaction through chat. I have one just right above this post.

Figure 1: How to embed Pandora AI chat bot on your site
Step 1:

Step 2:
Figure 2: Click Create a Pandorabot
  • Click "Create a Pandorabot"
Step 3: 
Figure 3: Name your bot, choose a Startup AIML
  • Name your bot.
  • Choose a startup AIML
  • Alternately, you can start fresh "Tabula Rasa". But you would have to program your bot yourself.
Step 4:
Figure 4: Publish your bot
  • Publish your bot
Step 5: 
Figure 5: Get the BotID

  • Copy the bot id
Step 6: 

Figure 6: Add an HTML/Javascript Gadget
  • Add an HTML/Javascript Gadget on blogspot
Step 7:
Figure 7: Paste your Pandorabot code
  • Make sure that it's not in "Rich Text" mode. Be sure it's in Edit HTML. Paste this code. 
  • Replace with your own bot ID
  • <iframe src="" width="99%" height="180"></iframe> 
  • Customize as you see fit.
Note: This is not a chat box, so you will not see the inputs that people put in it. I'm going to take a look into that next.

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