Marigolds and Sunflowers

When I was young, I never dreamed of becoming a writer. It didn't even become my nightmare. It was just something that I didn't think about. Who would want to be a writer?

I never even thought I'd like flowers. They were colorful yes, but they were too girly girly. The only use I somehow imagined them to have in the past was that the petals of the gumamela flower could be turned into bubbles.

This late August and early September has been really stressful and I've had to focus entirely on writing again. I've grossly neglected the grass and the papayas. On the online front though, this week has been productive as I've managed to earn $80, which is by Philippine minimum wage standards is quite "ok" for a week's work.

When I saw the marigold seeds in Robinson's, I decided to buy them because the packet of flower seeds looked nice and because maybe, just maybe they'd poop out golden coins just like they do in Plants vs. Zombies.

As it turns out, planting the Sunflower seeds on the bowl thing was silly. Now it looks ok, but silly and weird.